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Drink Pouches Blog Post

Drink Ideas for Adult Parties

Drinks don’t need to be boring when it comes to adult parties. Your guests will feel truly special when you serve them delicious out of the box drinks that are hard to find elsewhere. These adult themed party drinks are ideal even for those who’re health conscious or on a diet! 

  1. Holiday Punch 

white grape juice: 2 cups 

1 bottle ginger beer (sugar free)

pineapple and mango juice: 1 cup

fresh lemon juice: 1 ½ cups 

2 ripe bananas mashed

finely chopped mint: ¼ cup 

1 packet of sliced strawberries or washed & drained raspberries

plain club soda: 1 bottle

Mix soda, ginger beer, banana & fruit juices and wait for a couple of hours. After it is thoroughly chilled, mix berries, pour in a punch bowl. Next, mix mint sprigs and shaped ice cubes. Stir the drink well then pour into your NeckSip.


  1. Summer Splendor 

Mint leaves

Ice cubes

Ripe figs

Sprite or Plain Club Soda (if looking for a sugar free substitute)

Cut the figs into quarters (one for each glass). Arrange large mint leaves (around five per glass), ice cubes and ripe fig quarters into your NeckSip. Top up the drink with sprite or club soda.


  1. Blissful Berry Rosé

Rosé wine chilled: 1 bottle 

frozen blueberries: 1 bag 

frozen pink lemonade: 1 container (can make your own recipe)

lemon-lime soda: 1L

Fresh blueberries 

Mix frozen blueberries, pink lemonade and rosé together.

Refrigerate for up to 60 minutes. Finally, top the mixture with lime-lemon soda, then pour into your NeckSip.


  1. Strawberry Kissed Champagne

fresh strawberries (1 packet or around. 2 full cups)

vanilla essence: 1 tsp 

fresh lemon juice: 1 tsp

sugar: 2 tsp

Sparkling Wine or Champagne 

Wash & hull strawberries. Put these in a mixer.

Add sugar, lemon juice, & vanilla to the strawberry puree. Fill champagne flutes with half of puree mixture.

Add champagne. Slowly stir. Garnish with a strawberry slice on the edge of your glass then pour into your NeckSip.


  1. Watermelon Wave

tequila: 4 oz. 

fresh watermelon juice: 20 oz.

orange liqueur: 3 oz. 

maraschino liqueur: 3 oz. 

lemon juice: 2 oz.

pomegranate juice: 2 oz. 

Mix the above ingredients, and stir.

Strain it over ice into your NeckSip.


  1. Liquid Lust

Half a bottle of Rosangel Tequila 

Half a bottle of white wine

white sugar: half cup

orange juice: 1 oz. 

cranberry juice: 2 oz. 

1 apple diced

Two sliced oranges 

1 lime and lemon sliced

a few grapes sliced

club soda: 500ml

Mix the wine, fruit juice, sugar, and tequila in a punch bowl. Stir well.

Add fresh fruit such as a few small berries for garnishing.


  1. Red Rum Punch

This must be made 3 hours before time to let the real flavor to surface.

One bottle of Don Q-Cristal rum (anything similar to it can work)

half a bottle of red wine

triple sec liqueur:6 oz. 

fresh lime juice: 6 oz.

6 oz. syrup (half water, and half sugar simmered for a few minutes & then cooled).

2 sliced limes and oranges (thin wheel shape) 

Add the above in a large punch bowl. Refrigerate for a few hours prior to serving. Serve with ice in your NeckSips.

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