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Birthday Drink Pouches

Birthday Party Drink Ideas for that Special Day

Birthdays are one of those special occasions in our life. Thus, it’s worth calling for a celebration with plenty of good food and a special birthday party drink. The following collection of birthday drink ideas is likely to please any palate.

These can be made solely for the birthday gal or guy or scaled up for serving the visitors.

1. Birthday Cake Milkshake

This might sound complicated, however, you need to only add 3 basic ingredients to this drink: ice cream, cake mix, and cake vodka.

Even though optional, some might want to add vanilla frosting, sprinkles, and whipped cream to this dessert cocktail as an added taste.

The best thing about this birthday party cocktail is that it can be easily customized to your liking. For example, you might replace vanilla vodka with cake vodka.

Swap the rest of the ingredients with lime sherbert, lemon cake mix, or another mix you could think of.

2. Cotton-Candy Cocktail Champagne

To begin with, fill in your glass with cotton candy and pour over champagne to leave close to an inch of room at the top part of your glass, then pour into your NeckSip.

Finish it using a cotton candy ball.

Ensure that the candy topping doesn’t touch the liquor inside the drink. You may also garnish the drink using additional candies such as gummy bears.

3. Kahlua White Russian

For those who love coffee liqueur and butterscotch schnapps, this cocktail is a perfect choice.

It’s indulgent and creamy.

Ingredients include vodka or you can simply use what you currently have at home. Some Kahlua & heavy cream are all the things you need to make ready to sip. Although Khalua has some sweetness in it, you may try always adding plain syrup, agave, or maple syrup.

Add some ice, then vodka in a small cocktail glass, then pour into your NeckSip. Then add Kahlua and cream and then sweetener as required. You can stir the drink if you like to make sure all the ingredients mix well as per your liking. You may also experiment with several variations to suit your preferences.

For instance, you can use regular milk instead of cream or make it non-dairy by replacing the cream with something like almond milk.

4. Birthday Cake Drink

This cocktail includes only 3-ingredients packed with sprinkles & frosting.

The drink tastes wonderfully great with the perfect interplay of whipped vodka, Frangelico & white chocolate liqueur.

Start by rimming your shot glasses in frosting. Then dip them in the sprinkles. Toss in equal parts of each ingredient in the shaker and add some ice. Mix well and you are ready to serve this amazing birthday cake shot, then pour into your NeckSip.

Which of the above drinks would you like to try out first? Did we forget some of your favorite drinks? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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