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Doing Cricut On Adult Drink Pouches

Doing Cricut on Adult Drink Pouches

Doing Cricut on Adult Drink Pouches

Are you looking for a cool way to serve drinks this summer? Look no further than reusable adult drink pouches. These are perfect to store in coolers when you’re on a picnic, going to the lake, beach, or swimming pool! You could even make them look even better with SVG Cut Files that can be added to your Cricut project! In addition to Cricut, these files are compatible with Silhouette and other similar tools. Additionally, they are easy to change colors, customize and resize however you’d prefer.

To begin working on your Cricut project, start with the following:

Drink Pouches – We suggest adult drink pouches as you can easily use them multiple times. Plus, they also include straws. Thus, you will be able to get plenty of use out of your adult drink pouches!

Adhesive Vinyl – It is important to select a decent permanent adhesive vinyl when working on your first Cricut project. We suggest that you purchase packs of various colors because then you’ll have the right colors with you when you require them. It will also help you recognize which colors you use often so that you will always have a good stock of them for your Cricut.

Cricut Maker along with a machine mat for cutting.

Weeding Tools: They come in handy to get rid of excess vinyl (or other similar stuff).

Scraper or something identical to smooth and adhere your vinyl to the wooden board.

Transfer Tape for transferring the design to the chalkboard sign.

Next, create a new project in your design space, upload the SVG file & cut the mat as desired.

Why Choose Adult Drink Pouches Over Traditional Packaging?

  1. Adult drink pouches allow you the option to design or print your labels straight onto the pouch.
  2. Juice pouches don’t break easily even if they fall. Thus, they are less fragile as compared to traditional packaging.
  3. They are more appealing as compared to conventional packaging.
  4. When it comes to juice pouches, they are completely safe to use for kids.
  5. Drink pouches refrigerate rapidly. Thus, they are a perfect choice to use in an emergency. For instance, in case you run out of your drinks, juice pouches seem to be an ideal replacement.
  6. With adult drink pouches, you will never feel short of design options available in the market.
  7. The labels of these pouches last longer, as you print them straight onto the pouch.
  8. In regards to storage, juice pouches take less room as opposed to conventional packaging.
  9. Adult drink pouches are manufactured from a flexible material.
  10. They are easy to carry along as well as lightweight.
  11. Juice pouches allow you to evacuate almost the entire content (99%).
  12. Adult juice pouches are environmental-friendly and don’t contribute to carbon emissions.
  13. Juice pouches also require less plastic for production.
  14. Adult drink pouches can be easily disposed of.
  15. They have low transportation costs.

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