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Drink Pouches Sustainability

Drink Pouches and Sustainability

The flexible packaging trend is on the rise, and experts predict the demand for reusable drink pouches will only rise in the near future. Even though the food industry still has a huge share in the market, the beverage industry is increasingly moving towards various products that offer both flexibility and sustainability.

Research has shown that flexible packaging is likely to have a favorable environmental impact when it comes to carbon emission, usage of fossil fuel and water, the ratio of product-to-packaging, in addition to the total packaging material that goes to landfills as opposed to other packaging methods for similar products.

Beverages can be sold in various packaging formats depending on their content, proportion, audience, and usage. Beverages also carry a lot of weight. Hence, they need a packaging material that is sufficiently robust to contain them without breaking while in transport. Most individuals incorrectly assume glass bottles to be more sustainable. 

However, as per the latest study, flexible drink pouches have lower water consumption as compared to glass bottles due to the small amount of water needed for laminating them. On the other hand, glass bottles utilize plenty of water during manufacturing during the cooling process.

In addition, drink pouches seem to have lower overall emissions of greenhouse gas since they are lightweight with efficient manufacturing procedures and materials. The traditional glass bottle has considerably higher emissions simply because they are heavier to carry around.

Drink pouches also offer more favorable outcomes in regard to fossil fuel consumption. 

Cans and glass bottles need more material for holding the same amount of drink and have a more energy-consuming production procedure.

Taking into account the total packaging that transforms into municipal solid waste considering the present recycling rates, glass bottles cause more material to end up as municipal solid waste as opposed to reusable drink pouch (1,213%). By comparing the result of various packaging methods, we realize that flexible drink pouches have multiple significant benefits to the environment (fossil fuel consumption, carbon footprint, and water usage) over traditional cans and glass bottles, a format considered by many customers to be highly sustainable in the present-day world. 

Products for instance juices, wine, energy drinks & frozen cocktails are increasingly turning towards reusable adult pouches – especially in single-serve format. People who’re on the go prefer convenience and portability, and drink pouches offer both of these things, along with being accepted in a few locations where glass, for instance, would not be – like the beach or sports stadium.

Before buying your reusable drink pouches, you must ensure that they fulfill certain criteria:

A juice pouch needs to be moisture-proof, flexible and must have an air-tight seal.

The pouch must resist any wear and tear whilst it is in transit.

Possibly the most critical part of a drink pouch is what material it is made up of.

A juice pouch needs to have enough layers for serving as a barrier. The

is essential to ensure the contents inside the pouch stay safe from external factors.

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