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Drink Pouches for Kids, Ages 3 and Up: What You Need to Know

Glassware seems to be great and all, however, what if we told you that there was another great option that you could consider? Something that allows you to enjoy your favorite drinks with little to no mess?

Even for those who’re die-hard fans of classic glassware, you must have already noticed these little things trying to grab your attention from the internet as well as top retailers. Drink pouches made for kids are an ideal option as opposed to plastic or glass cups, particularly if you are organizing outdoor events such as picnics or kids birthday parties. As most of these drink pouches can be easily customized, you can easily adapt them to all major events throughout the year.

Things to Look Out for in Kids Drink Pouches:

  • Ergonomic Handle – a drink pouch needs to be heavy-duty along with grips so that it doesn’t slide away easily.
  • Safe to use – It must be BPA-free with round corners.
  • It must stand once filled with drinks – the majority of these have a flat design towards the bottom end.
  • Must have attractive and superior print quality.
  • The bottom end of the pouch must be stable for easy access and more functionality.
  • Lastly, the drink pouch should be leakage proof and highly durable.
  • And…why not make it a wearable drink pouch!

The Right Way to Clean Reusable Drink Pouch:

Simply follow the below steps to clean your drink pouches with minimal effort:

  • You must make sure that you empty the pouch prior to opening it.
  • Next, check if the cap is off or not. If it is, remove it from the pouch.
  • It is necessary that you fill the drink pouch with water in order to remove any left-over from it.
  • Pour off the leftover and repeat the steps again till the pouch is cleaned properly.
  • Then, take soap water, and wash it again. Next, dry it using a clean cloth.
  • Majority of these pouches feature wide sprouts which makes them easy to access throughout all the corners.
  • Remove all the detachable components which might include the zip locks, cap, or spout. Clean them separately.
  • Once everything is clean, rinse over tap water.
  • Once the drink pouch is cleaned thoroughly, let it dry for some time. Make sure you place the pouch in a dry place to prevent any bacterial growth.

Benefits of Using Kids Drink Pouches:

Drink pouches are quite convenient & versatile. Hence, they are a perfect option for kids. You can fill the pouches with 16 oz liquid and they come with a sturdy resealable zipper. Just pour the drink, seal it, put the straw into tiny holes, and your kids are ready to enjoy. Also, pouches are an excellent option at the beach or even poolside. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your kids breaking them while playing. You can also customize them with markers, stickers, or vinyl.

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