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Reusable Drink Pouches

Reusable Drink Pouches: Should You Buy Them?

An Introduction to Reusable Drink Pouches:

Due to the hectic lifestyle, everybody seems to be always on the move. Irrespective of what keeps you busy, they need a drink with them. Possibly, something that is light and easy to carry along. 

On a hot summer day, a reusable drink pouch with a straw seems to be the ideal choice for travelers! Since they are translucent, the user can clearly see them filled with bright-colored beverages on top of garnishes and toppings. The good news is, that you can find plenty of variety and options when it comes to reusable drink pouches.

Most of the reusable drink pouches you see in the market today can be easily used up to fifty times. What’s more, they can be easily cleaned with the help of hot soapy water. Experts suggest that you should freeze the pouches once you clean them to maintain their freshness. A reusable drink pouch can preserve any drink and are an ideal option for outdoor sports, packed lunches, workouts, or simply to freeze something to use later. Reusable drink pouches can fit in small spaces, as opposed to a Tupperware or water bottle.

These pouches are microwavable, reusable, and freezable. One of the biggest benefits of reusable drink pouches is that they are free from BPA, lead, and phthalates. Thus, you can be assured that they are totally safe for day-to-day usage. These pouches are pre-sterilized and can be used without additional cleaning when you buy them from the market. 

The Right Way to Freeze Reusable Drink Pouches:

We all know that water freezes at 32F or 0C while the freezing point of pure ethanol is -173F or -114C. Thus, the majority of alcoholic beverages like rum, tequila, and bourbon will most probably freeze at some point within these two liquids.

In addition to sugars and additives, the freezing point of any drink is also likely to be affected by its volume!

Things to Remember:

– Freezing temperature of alcohol is likely to decrease with the increase in its volume.

– On the flip side, the lower volume of alcohol within any drink is indicative of a higher freezing temperature.

We recommend you to begin with 3 parts of mixer with 1 part of alcohol to prepare your frozen drinks. Do note that you do not need to fill them entirely due to the fact that liquids tend to expand when they come close to their freezing temperature!

Top 3 Benefits of Reusable Drink Pouches:

  1. Handy: 

Adult reusable drink pouches come with 2 small holes for straw and 2 large holes for hanging them easily. Thus, they are very convenient for camping, picnic, party, or even BBQ. Drink pouches are manufactured using food-grade PP raw components.

  1. Convenient Size: 

Our adult juice pouches come in 12oz and 16oz, and are very comfy for wear. Great for ages 3 and up!

  1. For Family Gatherings and Parties: 

Reusable drink pouches are ideal for party planners since they add a unique touch to your family gathering and party. They are a perfect replacement for glassware that can be harmful to kids.

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